The All Pakistan Federation of United Trade Unions (APFUTU) is a sovereign, democratic, class-oriented organization which tries to organize workers from the different sectors of transport, fishing, Brick Kiln, Construction, Agriculture, Public Services Departments, Wood working, Mines, Electricity, and communications fromPakistan, without any discrimination of race, nationality, political, philosophical and religious belief. Politically and ideologically.

We are a national organization which seeks to remain independent from governments, employers and political parties, respecting the options and relations established by the affiliated and associated organizations at national level, provincial level, regional level, district level etc.

The affiliation or association of a national trade union organization withAPFUTUdoes not imply setting aside or weakening the autonomy of these bodies, which should retain their guidelines and actionprogramed. TheConstitution ofAPFUTUdefines the rules of sovereignty of our unions and, specially, of their national and international professional character.

In its founding Conference, inMarch 1992, APFUTUdefined as its main lines of intervention:

The defense of the strategic role of the trade union in an integrated and sustainable development of societies to fulfill its social role as a public service, which should be based on public companies and in which its different modes should be complemented in an integrated system, thus bringing social, economic and environmental benefits.

The struggle against the liberalization of the sector, which by means of privatizations brings unemployment and labour precariousness, degrading the living and working conditions, which increase inequality and poverty.

The defense of the dignity of the workers and their working conditions.

The transformation of the world by building a just, solidarity and peaceful society.

APFUTU, together with its affiliated organizations’ and sister organizations, seeks with its action:

To unite all levels workers from different kind of trade unions around the country Pakistan and their trade union organizations, to strengthen their united action against capitalist exploitation and monopolist domination, and thus contribute towards trade union unity at the national and international level.

  • To coordinate the efforts of these trade union organizations towards:
  • A real growth in wages and guarantee of their purchasing power;
  • The reduction of work time;
  • The protection of the workers and their families;
  • The struggle against unemployment and precariousness;
  • To secure and maintain for the workers:
  • The freedom of speech
  • The freedom of press
  • The freedom of association
  • The freedom of assembly
  • The right of strike; and
  • The right to work or maintenance
  • The guarantee of annual paid vacations
  • The introduction of a system of insurance, social security and health protection for all;
  • The application of the principle of equal pay for equal work;
  • Public investment in developing basic and professional training for the workers
  • The safeguard and expansion of trade unions and the guarantee of democratic freedoms for the workers
  • The prohibition of any type of discrimination based upon gender, race, caste, colour, nationality, religious belief or political opinions.
  • To increase the influence and activity of the class-oriented international trade union movement among the workers and their trade union organizations in different sectors.
  • To contribute towards economic and social progress and the defense of peace, in line with the fundamental objectives.
  • To maintain and strengthen fraternal cooperation and national. international solidarity among the workers’ trade unions in Pakistan and around the world.
  • To organize aid to these workers to create unions wherever they do not exist and strengthen young organizations.
  • To fight for peace and peaceful coexistence among workers, respecting their national sovereignty and political system, in search of economic progress.
  • To combat without truce against war, imperialist aggression and oppression, as well as all types of colonialist oppression.