Workers protest for wages in Bangkok

13 Sep 2017 Ferado

Nearly hundred Myanmar employees working on a construction site in Bangkok, according to the Memorandum of Understanding, protested for their labour rights and full wages.

The employers agreed to all their demands on September 11, according to the Thai based migrant right group AAC.

“We had no rights to talk about wages and we can’t speak Thai language. So, we had to work here for a long time without being fully paid” a female construction worker said to The Myanmar Times on Sunday.

AAC and she both told The Myanmar Times that all female workers are getting about 200 baht as daily wages whereas male construction workers get about 260 baht as daily wages. 310 baht has been regarded as the minimum daily wages in labour law.

They added that workers have to work without holidays and they are not paid double wages for worked holiday; they are not paid for extra hours either.

As a result, all Myanmar construction workers went on strike on September 8 and reported the ongoing violation of labour laws to AAC.

“Today, the employer promised to give full salaries and full overtimes wages to the workers by signing a contract in front of agencies officials, AAC, and Myanmar embassy officials” AAC’s member Ko Nay Lin Thu told The Myanmar Times on Sunday.

He also said that the employer promised not to cut off the wages of employees who are on leave period, which is a practice employers would do in the past.

“The Thai employers agreed to all demands. The demands were simply the labour rights enshrined in Thai labour laws. Workers had to ask for it,” said AAC’s member Ko Nay Lin Thu.

All the workers involved have been sent by three oversea employment agencies over two years, under the MoU between the two countries. According to the labour contracts of the MoU, every worker must be paid baht 310 as daily wages and must be paid Baht 58 for any extra-hour, migrant right group said.

“Thai employer solved the problem by signing an agreement to obey the labour rights according to the MoU. All workers will resume work shortly” U Kyaw Zaw, general joint secretary of Myanmar Oversea Employment Agencies Federation (MOEAF) told The Myanmar Times on Sunday.

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