Workers of 10 RMG factories go on strike

19 Dec 2016 Ferado

Dhaka: About 20,000 workers of a dozen factories in Ashulia, the garment hub in outskirts of Dhaka city, have been demonstrating for increased wages. Workers of at least 10 factories went on strike, without resuming work on Monday morning. Workers of three more factories also observed work stoppage, remaining within the factory premises of Setara Group, Bando Design and Star Link Creation. Production came to a halt due to workers’ strike at the factories De Rose, Pioneer, Washing Design, Palmal Group, Safa Knit, Dong Xiang and Envoy. Workers alleged that they could not meet their family expenses with the current wages. “If we pay house rent, we cannot run the family throughout the month and if we try to meet other expenses, we cannot pay house rent,” a worker said. The officer in charge of Ashulia police station Mahesinul Quadir confirmed that the garment workers were on strike. The last time they received a pay-hike was in 2013 and the minimum wage was fixed at Tk 5,300 a month. However, the workers now demand Tk 15,000 salary a month. The workers also alleged that they were not given gratuity and leave to which they are entitled. They even complained about harassment by the owners of the factories. The workers in Ashulia began demonstrating last Monday when workers of Windy Group went on strike. Workers of at least 10 factories followed them in the past one week

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