24 Feb 2019 Ferado

ANKARA: The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services called for a meeting of workers ‘and civil servants’ confederations in connection with the ILO General Assembly to be held this year. Secretary General Cafer Konca represented DİSK at the meeting, which discussed which confederations would be represented by the ILO conference and the violations of ILO conventions.
The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, without any consultation at the ILO 107th International Labor Conference held last year, had designated Officer-Sen as ILO conference delegate in contradiction with the ILO Statute, and the Conference Commission on Security Review had harshly criticized this practice. The Report to the Authorization Committee, which was published at the end of the conference, was a lecture.

DISC Kona Cafe Secretary-General, the laws regulating the work life of many in Turkey began his speech by highlighting the violation of the ILO Conventions. Last year, Turkey’s signature issue by stating a principle, said that Turkey violated the workers’ delegates in determining the ILO statutes. Stating that Article 3 of the ILO constitution provides for a special procedure for the identification of non-governmental representatives to participate in the Conference, Konca states that “Member States shall (ın) undertake to determine the existing employees and employers in agreement with the industrial / trade union organizations with the highest representation authority.M recalled his judgment. Located in the ILO Constitution, saying that Turkey should be determined in consultation with the Confederation of workers’ deputies in accordance with the provisions of this topic, the past year there have been any consultation, he said that this process has brought almost a fait accompli.

elected Officer-You need against the delegate to the International Trade Union Confederation to represent the cutting staff by Turkey (ITUC) as well as the ILO Workers’ Group expressed the emergence of a huge reaction in the eyes of Kona, the Officer-Sen suspicious manner rapid increase in the number of members of the union rights violations and silence in mass dismissals in the public sector.

Voicing that the meeting organized by the Ministry is important, DİSK Secretary-General Cafer Konca said that he hoped these meetings should continue with the reform studies aimed at working life with the participation of related parties.

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