White House proposes combining education, labour dept’s

25 Jun 2018 Ferado

Washington: The Trump administration has outlined a proposal to reorganise the federal government, including merging two Cabinet agencies, the Department of Education and the Department of Labour.

The plan outlined on Thursday is meant to “make the Federal Government more efficient, effective, and accountable”, according to a White House statement.

In addition to merging the two agencies — “to better meet the needs of American workers and students”, the White House said — it would also consolidate fragmented regulation of food safety and group economic assistance resources into a new Bureau of Economic Growth, housed in the Department of Commerce.

It would also emphasise efforts to digitise federal government operations in order to save time and storage space.

“This plan will serve as a cornerstone for a productive, bipartisan dialogue around making the federal government work for the 21st century”, the White House said on Thursday.

Mr Trump’s Republican party has long called to prune federal government bureaucracy. It is unclear, however, whether Congress has the will to approve such a big move ahead of the midterm elections in November.

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