Salary crisis threatens to derail programmes

20 Dec 2016 Ferado

With the salaries of the employees of Delhi Commission for Women pending for over three months, the women’s body’s projects will be wound up by this month.

Officials with the DCW told The Hindu that programmes such as 181 Helpline for women in distress, Rape Crisis Cell, Acid Watch and Anti-Trafficking Cell will close by the end of this month if salaries are not paid.

No clarity

“Staff will start to leave. We don’t know when the salaries will come as there is no clarity. How long can people work without money?” said a DCW official.

The 181 Helpline was started after the December 16, 2012 gang-rape to help women in distress and was handed over to the DCW this year.

After assuming charge, DCW chief Swati Maliwal started the Acid Watch, wherein the employees help acid attack survivors and also ensure that acid is not sold over the counter. “Our employees are themselves victims. Despite repeated letters to the Lieutenant Governor and the President, nothing has been done,” said the official.

Case against Maliwal

After a case was filed against the DCW chief over an alleged recruitment scam, salaries of the employees haven’t been disbnrsed. Ms. Maliwal had earlier said that financial powers of the Commission have been curtailed and files were sent to the Women and Child Development department.

The officials said they are not hopeful that salaries will come this month.

“Autonomy of the Commission is under attack. Attempts are being made to crush our work and shut down the Commission,” Ms. Maliwal had said.

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