RBC TUA demands respect for workers rights in the Caribbean

6 Jun 2018 Ferado

amaica: Caribbean Trade Unions who are affiliates of UNI FINANCE are demanding that RBC workers throughout the Caribbean have the right to union protection in the region.

This is intended to ensure that Trade Union rights for RBC workers are protected and respected and ensure their right to freedom of association, union recognition and a workplace free from fear and victimization.

The Unions from Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia, Barbados, Grenada, Antigua and Barbuda, Jamaica and the Bahamas who represent RBC and other bank workers in the Caribbean have identified numerous breaches of basic good industrial relations by banks, especially by RBC in the region.

The RBC Trade Union Alliance of UNI Americas met in Port of Spain, Trinidad on May 21-22, 2018, to discuss common strategies to combat violations of the rights of bank workers who simply want to do their job efficiently and receive fair remuneration and decent terms and conditions of employment consistent with ILO Conventions, the provisions of their Collective Agreements, provisions of labour law and establish industrial relations principles and practices.

The RBC Trade Union Alliance, fully supported by UNI Finance and its three (3) million workers worldwide repudiates any strategy, which includes the use of anti-union practices, and not allowing workers to raise their standards of living and working conditions.

When workers in the region exercised their right to take collective actions, they faced consistent anti-union behavior, intimidation and victimization.

The Trade Union Alliance is now strongly demanding that Royal Bank of Canada commits to a relationship devoid of these anti-union practices throughout the Caribbean region. The Trade Union Alliance invites RBC management to engage in an open and genuine dialogue with its workers’ chosen representatives, by meeting with the respective unions as a united group.

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