Over 100 factories saw workers’ protests in January

24 Feb 2019 Ferado

Myanmar: Workers’ protests occurred at more than 100 factories in January this year, according to sources released by the Labour Department on February 21.

Such labour disputes and protests occurred mostly at garment factories and shoe factories in industrial zones. Some also occurred at hotels and departments.

The Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population has formed township level coordination teams to resolve labour disputes. They received 106 complaints in January.

Of those complaints, 27 were settled, four sent to arbitration, 22 dropped and 53 decided for compensation. Over 80 million was paid to 273 people for compensation.

Officials from the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population are making field trips to the industrial zones in order to form workplace coordination committees (WCCs).

The ministry has warned that action will be taken against those factories that fail to form WCCs.

The Department of Factories and General Labour Laws Inspection helped local workers get paid over K4 billion in compensation for their losses such as forced labour during public holidays, pay for earned leave, causal leave, medical leave and maternity leave and back pay.

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