Four coal miners die in Pakistan

13 Sep 2017 Ferado

The mine safety crisis in Pakistan continues, as at least four workers have been killed due to accumulation of poisonous gas in a coalmine in Quetta’s Sanjdi area on 8 September 2017. According to reports today, another three workers have died under similar circumstances in a coalmine in the Harnai area.

Pakistan’s coalmines are some of the most dangerous workplaces in the world.

In the absence of safe working conditions, there is a frequent loss of lives. On 8 September, poisonous gas suddenly filled the space deep inside the mine, killing four workers and critically injuring two more.

In the recent past IndustriALL affiliates reported many mine accidents and called on the government of Pakistan to improve mine safety.

Sultan Muhammad Khan, President of IndustriALL Pakistan Council (IPC) and secretary general of Pakistan Central Mines Labour Federation (PCMLF) said:

“We strongly condemn these avoidable deaths. The government must place the lives of mine workers above profit. We call upon the government to take immediate steps to improve safety in Pakistan’s mines.”

Glenn Mpufane, IndustriALL mining director said:

“The Pakistani government’s continuing negligence is leading to frequent deaths of mine workers. Pakistani mines are turning into graves. IndustriALL reiterates our demand that Pakistan should immediately ratify and implement ILO Convention 176 on Health and Safety in Mines.”

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