Ensure workers get proper housing, Oman’s TU

27 Nov 2018 Ferado

Muscat: Employers who provide substandard living quarters for workers are being targeted by Oman’s trade union federation.

“Improving the living condition of workers is the obligation of the employer,” a spokesman for the General Federation of Oman Trade Unions said.

“An employer has the option of providing housing to workers or he/she may give the worker a certain allowance for housing,” said Yousuf Al Busaidi, the acting department head of legal and trade union affairs at the General Federation of Oman Trade Unions.

“In certain companies, the employer is forced to provide housing allowance, in addition to providing accommodation; this depends on the nature of the work and the location.” When employers provide housing, they must abide by the standards and specifications listed in the Occupational Safety Regulations governed by the Labour Code in Ministerial Decision 286/2008.

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