The Labour Unity was an alliance of THREE largest Pakistani Labour Federations i.e All Pakistan Federation of United Trade Unions (APFUTU) , All Pakistan Federation of Labour (Durrani Group) (APFOL) and General Federation of Trade Unions(//GFTU). To establish an order of society which is free from hindrance in the way on an all-round development of its individual members, which fosters the growth of human personality in all its aspects and goes to the utmost limit in progressively eliminating social political or economic exploitation and inequality, the profit motive in the economic activity and organization of society and the antisocial concentration in any form. Now the All Pakistan Federation of Labour (Durrani Group) APFOL has left the alliance. Now there is no relationship with us.
Moreover we have no any political affiliation with any political party.

To place industry under national ownership and control in suitable form in order to realize the aforesaid objectives in the quickest time.

To organize society in such a manner as to ensure full employment and the best utilization of its manpower and other resources.

To secure increasing association of the worker in the administration of industry and their full participation in its control.

To promote generally the social civic interest of the working class

To secure an effective and complete organization of all categories of workers, including agricultural,Brick Kiln, Carpet Industry, Pottery, Poultry Forms labour.

To guide and coordinate the activities of the affiliated organizations.

To assist and coordinate the activities of the affiliated organizations.

To assist in the formation of trade unions.

To promote the organization of workers of each industry on a nationwide basis.

To assist in the formation of Regional or Provincial Branches or Federations.

To secure speedy improvement of conditions of work and life and of the status of the workers in industry and society.

To obtain for the workers various measures of social security, including adequate provision in respect of accidents, maternity, sickness, old age and unemployment.

To secure a living wage for every worker in normal employment and to bring about a progressive improvement in the workers standard of living.

To regulate hours and other conditions of work in keeping with the conditions of the workers and to ensure the proper enforcement of legislation for the protection and up-lift of labour.

To establish just industrial relations.

To secure redress of grievances, without stoppages of work, by means of negotiations and conciliation and failing these by arbitration or adjudication.

To take recourse to other legitimate method, including strikes or any suitable form of hunger strike, where adjudication is not applied and settlement of disputes within a reasonable time by arbitration is not available for the redress of grievances.

To make necessary arrangements for the efficient conduct satisfactory and speedy conclusion of authorized strikes or hunger strike.

To foster the spirit of solidarity, service, brotherhood co-operation and mutual help among the workers.

To develop in the workers a sense of responsibility towards the industry and community.

To raise the workers’ standard of efficiency and discipline.