In 1949 there was founded an All Pakistan Confederation of Labour with affiliates in East and West Pakistan and with adhered to the ICFTU.

In 1962 dissatisfied affiliates of APCOL, notably the petroleum Workers Federation and the Cigarette Labour Union, formed the Pakistan National Federation of Trade Union.

A further series of splits in APCOL led to losing it ICFTU affiliation while the PNFTU gained ICFTU affiliated status in 1964.

APCOL’s component parts each claimed the name West Pakistan Federation of Trade Unions simultaneously until one faction changed its name to the All Pakistan Federation of Trade Unions (APFTU) and it too affiliated to the ICFTU. The APFOL was founded in 1951 by Mr. Rehmat Ullah Khan Durrani (the father of the labourers) who remained central president until his death in 1985.

The third contemporary ICFTU affiliate Is the All Pakistan Federation of Labour (APFOl). When its President great labour leader Mr. Rehmat Ullah Durrani died the Presidency was claimed by his son Mr. Aurangzaib Durrani. This succession was challenged and Mr.Aurangzaib Durrani succeeded to found a federation known as APFOL (Durrani Group).

APFUTU was founded in 1992 and registered in 1993.

Affiliates of diverse and include unions in areas such as Brick Kilns. Textile Mills, Banks, Sugar Mills, yellow Cabs, Jute,WAPDA and Municipal Workes Unions, Agriculture Department, Bone Crushing Industries, Furniture Industries, News Papers, Electronic Media as well as general Labour Unions and the Pakistan Bonded and Child Labour Liberation front (PBCLL).

There are more than 395 unions are affiliated with Labour Unity alliance federation (APFOL & APFUTU) with the membership of 5,23740 only.

During November 2005 the both organisations i.e. APFOL & APFUTU has decided that
they continue their struggle through joint hands. Also they will fight for the elimination of Child Labour, Forced/Bonded Labour, and poverty.

Also they will continue their fight for the freedom of the slaves labour force. The both organisations will also continue their work independently. Moreover if any other organisation want to join with them than they will say hot welcome to that organization.