Amendments to labour laws sought

16 Aug 2017 Ferado

Peshawar: The Pakistan Workers Federation yesterday demanded necessary amendments to labour laws to protect the rights of workers.

PWF provincial president Razim Khan told a joint meeting of the office-bearers of various labourer organisations here that the workers were troubled by the government’s failure to provide them with the rights mentioned in the convention of the International labour Organisation.

He said political parties assured workers of the resolution of their problems before elections but didn’t fulfil the promise after coming to power.

Mr Khan said none of the successive governments bothered to prioritise the resolution of the issues facing workers and therefore, they had lost the latter’s confidence.

Other speakers said the current labour laws were made during the British colonial era and therefore, they should be amended in line with the needs of modern times.

They insisted that denial of basic rights to the workers would bring a bad name to the rulers at international level.

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