23 Nov 2020 Ferado

Mr. Mushraff nominated as Member of MWB Punjab.

Gujrat: The Government Punjab ministry Labour & Human Resource has issued circular about the nomination members of Punjab Minimum Wages Board, Punjab. The General secretary of labour & staff union (CBA) of Shahtaj Sugar Mills, Mandi Baha u Din and vice president of All Pakistan Federation of United Trade Unions(APFUTU) Mr. Mushraff Khan has nominated as member of minimum wages board Punjab.

10 Nov 2020 Ferado

Mineworkers in Karak protest price hike

KARAK: The mineworkers here on Sunday observed a strike to record their protest against unprecedented inflation, saying they were unable to provide a two-time meal to their families. The workers of salt and gypsum mines observed a daylong strike here during which they did not go inside the mines for work. District president of the labourers’ union Naveed Khattak and others visited the mineworkers and addressed them at Karat area. The speakers condemned the record price hike in the country and said that prices of essential commodities had gone out of reach of the labour class. They also complained that the contractors were taking more work from the workers and paying them fewer wages. They said in case of any injury even first aid was not provided to the workers, which was an injustice with them.

10 Nov 2020 Ferado

Pakistan: Suki Kinari dam workers go on strike

Close to 2,000 workers at the Suki Kinari (SK) hydropower construction project in Northern Pakistan have been on strike since 27 October to protest the curtailment of their freedom of movement, illegal terminations and denial of overtime wages, leaves and COVID-19 allowances.The workers, led by the SK Shaheen Labour Union, said that the company is not honoring the cooperation agreement it entered into with their union. They also lambasted the arrest of union president Syed Tahir Shah on 29 October after being invited by authorities to discuss their labour issues. Tahir Shah was released a day later owing to the protests from the workers and local community. The union said that the workers’ employer, the China Gezhouba Group Corporation (CGGC) has been negligent in complying with Pakistani labour laws. It said that since February, the workers’ freedom of movement was limited to the work/camp site under the pretext of protecting them from COVID-19. However, workers are denied basic medical and sanitary facilities, and COVID-19 allowances. The union also said that workers are being pressured to go on quarantine in project premises exclusively or face termination. It said that there were already numerous cases of dismissals using COVID-19 as an excuse. These were confirmed by the BWI-affiliated Pakistan Federation of Building and Wood Workers (PFBWW). PFBWW General Secretary Aslam Adil said that CGGC has been violating labour laws and the situation has worsened with the spread of COVID-19.  “Workers are not allowed to leave the premises or even visit their families for many months now. As a result, workers were forced to resort to protest actions to press their just demands. PFBWW supports the workers and the union in their struggle for justice. We urge the management to initiate a dialogue to resolve the issues and for the labour department to take necessary steps to ensure the full implementation of labour laws and protect and that workers are not denied of their rights,” Adil said. On 2 November, a protest march covering more than 20 kilometres was launched by workers to press their demands.  

10 Nov 2020 Ferado

Govt urged to ensure the safety of mineworkers

Quetta: Over 130 labourers lost their lives and 110 others suffered serious injuries in incidents in coal mines in different areas of the country, including Balochistan, over the past nine months.

In most of the incidents, these unfortunate labourers were digging over 3,000-foot-deep in coal mines when they collapsed and they died from suffocation due to lack of oxygen, said Sultan Mohammad Kakar, secretary general of the Pakistan Central Mines Labour Federation, while talking to journalists on Friday.

He said that about 300,000 mine workers were employed in Balochistan. Mine areas in the province, including Chamalang, Luni, Harnai, Mach, Duki and Marwar, had more than 1,000 mines, he added.

He alleged that in many mine incidents in which workers lost their lives and suffered injuries this year in the province were caused by the negligence of the authorities concerned. In many cases, he added, miners lost their lives and suffered injuries because they did not have modern equipment and that adequate safety measures were not taken for them.

He said the government collected a huge revenue from coal mining, but it was a pity that when a worker lost his life in a mine incident his family was given only Rs200,000 as compensation money. He said the government should increase this amount to Rs500,000.

Mr Kakar said due to lack of safety measures, health facilities and non-availability of safe drinking water inside mines workers often suffered from some dangerous diseases, including asthma and kidney and liver complications.

He urged the government to implement the occupational safety and health measures to protect mine workers from incidents.

“We demand that the government should ratify ILO C-176 Safety and Health in Mine Convention and train unskilled workers,” Mr Kakar said.