3 Nov 2019 Ferado

Cathay Pacific crew say fear of China is fuelling paranoia and sackings amid Hong Kong protests

Rebecca Sy was wheeling her carry-on luggage through Hong Kong International Airport ready to board a flight to China when she received the message that changed her

But this walk to the gates was cut short.

“I received a message that I needed to return home and wait for someone from the company to call,” Ms Sy said.

She was summoned to a meeting the following day with Cathay Pacific executives.

In the days before, China had made clear it had zero tolerance for staff supporting the pro-democracy protests that were shaking the airline’s home city.

3 Nov 2019 Ferado

KSA to increase Pakistan’s labour quota in New Taif

Islamabad: Assistant to the Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development Sayed Zulfikar Bukhari said Saudi Arabia has agreed to a request by Pakistan for an increased share of Pakistani labour force in the multi-billion dollar New Taif City development. The assistant said that the Saudi labour minister agreed and promised to set up a proper mechanism for a larger quota for Pakistani manpower in the New Taif

3 Nov 2019 Ferado

Demonstrators demand national ship-breaking policy

Karachi: A rally of workers, including shop-breaking workers of Gadani, here Friday demanded of the government to announce national ship-breaking policy and withdraw heavy taxes from this crucial sector of the economy. According to details, a big protest rally was staged a Gadani by the National Trade Union Federation (NTUF) and Gadani Ship-breaking Workers Union on the occasion of the third anniversary of the martyrdom of 29 workers in Gadani…
Nov 02, 2019

3 Nov 2019 Ferado

Brick kiln owners urged to adopt Zig-Zag Technology

Lahore: Secretary Environment Protection Salman Ijaz Friday stressed brick kiln owners to covert their brick kilns to environment friendly zig-zag technology to avoid closure. Presiding over a meeting here, Salman Ijaz said that the government did not want unemployment for labourers working at kilns but it was taking measures to eradicate pollution.

28 Oct 2019 Ferado

Govt likely to terminate 30,000 govt employees before June 2020

Islamabad: The Imran Khan-led government has been contemplating the decision to dismiss more than 30,000 government employees from around 20 government-run institutions before June 2020, in a bid to normalize the financial insecurity and overcome the fiscal deficit that is crippling the economy. Media reports reveal that the Ministry of Finance has confirmed that at least 10 state-run institutions will be privatized in the near future.