28 Oct 2019 Ferado

Govt likely to terminate 30,000 govt employees before June 2020

Islamabad: The Imran Khan-led government has been contemplating the decision to dismiss more than 30,000 government employees from around 20 government-run institutions before June 2020, in a bid to normalize the financial insecurity and overcome the fiscal deficit that is crippling the economy. Media reports reveal that the Ministry of Finance has confirmed that at least 10 state-run institutions will be privatized in the near future.

28 Oct 2019 Ferado

EOBI leases out OEC tower to private company for early

Islamabad: The Employees Old-age Benefits Institution (EOBI) has leased out ten-story business facility, the Overseas Employment Corporation (OEC) Tower to Infinitum Innovations Company for its early completion. In a bid to make the tower operational in a year time, a twenty year tenancy agreement has been signed between the Infinitum and the Pakistan Real Estate Investment Management Company (PRIMACO), a subsidiary department of EOBI, an official source in the OEC

28 Oct 2019 Ferado

SAARC Chamber asks govt to encourage young entrepreneurs to achieve

Islamabad: SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) Monday said Pakistan should focus on encouraging its youth towards entrepreneurship for improving livelihoods, expanding economy and promoting jobs. Inaugurating a two day boot camp for Startups organized by SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry in association with Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom and Plan9 here today, Iftikhar Ali Malik Senior Vice Presidents urged on encouraging its youth towards entrepreneurship because unemployed…

28 Oct 2019 Ferado

Divided trade union movements cannot change workers’ lives: Vice President Badal

Kathmandu, GEFONT Vice President Cde. Ramesh Badal has said that a divided and separate trade union movement cannot change the lives of workers. He believed that unified and systematic work of the unions could bring the change and benefit of the working class.

Speaking at the fourth conference of ITUC Asia Pacific held in Tokyo, Japan on October 7-9,. Cde. Badal the head of GEFONT’s foreign department congratulated the ITUC AP continue efforts for social justice and dignity through the ILO Centennial Declaration. Stating that the Nepalese Trade Union Movement has a long history of struggle for the establishment of democracy in Nepal, He said that trade unions have been working hard in the political and social movements to build a society of justice and equality.

Vice-President Badal said that the union movement of Nepal, which started joint work since 2000 and in 2006 cooperating with the big trade unions of Nepal ITUC affiliates through the ITUC- NAC. United all the trade unions of Nepal with the slogan “Unity in Diversity” after 2009 and united them at the Joint Trade Union Coordination Center (JTUCC).

He informed that the workers had achieved many achievements since its establishment.He also said that GEFONT is proud of the work done by its initiation.

Stating that after the third convention of ITUC AP held in Kochi in 2015 was important for the Nepalese Trade Union Movement, he said that the Constitution of Nepal secured the fundamental rights for workers and included social security as well as trade union rights as fundamental rights.

Meanwhile, he said that the minimum wage has been increased by 39 percent, but for effective implication trade unions are constantly trying to solve it through social dialogue. Contribution based Social security system & labor act has been implemented since last year to cover all workers.

Vice President Badal said that the schemes like Medicare, Maternity Protection, Dependent Family benefit , Accident and Disability Protection and old age protection have been put forward. He further said the trade unions are working hard for its effective implementation.

28 Oct 2019 Ferado

Workers, factory owner reach agreement over unpaid wages, benefits

More than 3,000 workers from the Chinese-owned Jiun Ye Garment (Cambodia) Co Ltd factory in Kampong Chhnang province, who protested on Tuesday over unpaid wages and benefits, have agreed with their employer to a payment timeline.

A Jiun Ye representative claimed that the factory, located in the province’s Samaki Meanchey district, is in danger of permanently closing its doors after losing a major customer.

However, he said the owners are committed to paying the workers’ wages.

CAMBODIA: Eng Chandara, the Free Trade Union President at Jiun Ye Garment Factory, told The Post on Thursday that more than 3,000 workers blocked National Road 5 after going on strike over unpaid wages and benefits on Tuesday.

Some workers had previously tendered their resignation as a result of unpaid wages, he said, while the factory had also made other workers redundant in February and March, but failed to pay their final wages.

Chandara said the workers stopped protesting the same day after the factory agreed to a timeline to pay the wages owed to them.

“We reconciled with the employer as they promised that outstanding wages from September will be paid on Saturday [October 26]. October’s wages will then be paid on November 13.

“On December 2 the employer will pay the last wages and other allowances for workers who tendered their resignation and workers who were made redundant in February and March,” he said.

Him Hoeum, an assistant and interpreter for the factory’s Chinese owners, said the workers had already received most of their wages from September, but some $30 to $40 each was yet to be paid.

He said the factory, which has been open since 2012, had run into financial difficulty after their main buyers in France had cancelled their order in March.

Hoeum continued that the factory’s owner was now searching for a way to pay the workers’ wages.

“His [the factory owner’s] position is that he will pay all the wages, but I am not sure yet whether he will have to sell the factory equipment to come up with the money and meet the deadline.

“He said he will try his best to borrow money from friends to live up to his promise to the workers,” he said.

Hoeum said that on December 2, once the final wages had been paid, the owner will meet with the workers’ representatives to decide whether the factory will continue operating or close its doors.

The deputy director of the province’s Labour Department Sim Sovathana who facilitated discussions between the factory owner and workers, could not be reached for comment on Thursday.