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Unemployment Earthquake: DİSK-AR February 2019 Unemployment Report

Turkey’s Revolutionary Workers Unions Confederation Research Department (DISC-R) Turkey Statistics Institute (TUIK) announced February 15, 2019 the day of November 2018 period, the Household Labor Force Survey, which are disclosed by TEO January 2019 period data, Social Security Institution (SGK) is described by November 2018 period, the insured statistics and Family, Labor and Social Services (MCHFP) announced by January 2019 data evaluated. The evaluations of DISK-AR regarding unemployment and employment are given below.

The deterioration of employment caused by the economic crisis is increasingly seen. There is an earthquake in unemployment. The number of unemployed in the last year increased by more than 700 thousand, while in August-November 2018, employment decreased by one million people. As a result of the decline in industrial production and growth, unemployment is experiencing an earthquake. The data on labor markets announced by various institutions such as TURKSTAT, SGK, MCHFP and ISKUR show that the crisis has caused a serious increase in unemployment and this trend will continue.

According to TURKSTAT, narrowly defined (standard) unemployment increased by 2 percentage points to 10.3 percent in November 2017 from 10.3 percent in November 2017. In November 2017, the number of narrowly defined unemployed persons increased from 3 million 275 thousand to 706 thousand persons compared to the previous year and increased to 3 million 981 thousand. Thus, the number of unemployed people narrowly reached the 4 million limit.

The number of wide-defined unemployed people increased to 6 million 646 thousand, while the wide-defined unemployment rate was calculated as 19.3 percent. According to November 2017, the number of wide-defined unemployed increased by 665 thousand.

The contraction in employment continues in parallel with the large contraction in industrial production. seriously declined with the crisis of the annual employment creation capacity of Turkey’s economy. In November 2017, 28 million 515 thousand of total employment declined by 201 thousand to 28 million 314 thousand in November 2018. Between August 2018 and November 2018, employment decreased by 1 million 4 thousand.

The non-agricultural unemployment rate, which should be taken into consideration in terms of unemployment, increased by 2.1 percentage points compared to the same period of the previous year and rose from 12.2 percent to 14.3 percent. The rapid increase in non-agricultural unemployment is remarkable

Youth unemployment increased by 4.3 percentage points from November 2017 to 19.6 percent in November 2018, to 23.6 percent. women’s unemployment increased by 1.3 points compared to November 2017 and was realized as 14.7 in November 2018 from 13.4. Non-agricultural women’s unemployment rose to 18.4 percent.

The percentage of young people (NEET, idle travelers) who are employed in education and education is 24.3 percent.

Another indicator of the unemployment earthquake caused by the economic crisis is the increase in unemployment insurance applications. According to the data of ISKUR, in January 2019, a claim has been made for unemployment benefit applications. In January 2018, the number of applications increased by 77 percent from 145,000 in January 2019 to over 257,000. In January 2018, the number of people receiving monthly unpaid unemployment increased by 50 percent to 439 thousand, and rose to 655 thousand in December 2018.

ISKUR data also show that unemployment is increasing. The earthquake in unemployment was also reflected in the number of unemployed unemployed. While the number of unemployed people registered with İŞKUR was 2.4 million in January 2018, it reached 3.8 million in January 2019. The increase in the number of registered unemployed is in line with the upward trend in unemployment.

Turkey on the one hand and high inflation on the other hand is experiencing an economic crisis and high unemployment are seen together. The economic recession and contraction are accompanied by high unemployment and inflation rates.

Thus, it is seen that the employment campaign carried out with huge incentives based on the arbitrary use of the Unemployment Insurance Fund did not work and the worst result of the crisis emerged as the unemployment earthquake.

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ANKARA: The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services called for a meeting of workers ‘and civil servants’ confederations in connection with the ILO General Assembly to be held this year. Secretary General Cafer Konca represented DİSK at the meeting, which discussed which confederations would be represented by the ILO conference and the violations of ILO conventions.
The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, without any consultation at the ILO 107th International Labor Conference held last year, had designated Officer-Sen as ILO conference delegate in contradiction with the ILO Statute, and the Conference Commission on Security Review had harshly criticized this practice. The Report to the Authorization Committee, which was published at the end of the conference, was a lecture.

DISC Kona Cafe Secretary-General, the laws regulating the work life of many in Turkey began his speech by highlighting the violation of the ILO Conventions. Last year, Turkey’s signature issue by stating a principle, said that Turkey violated the workers’ delegates in determining the ILO statutes. Stating that Article 3 of the ILO constitution provides for a special procedure for the identification of non-governmental representatives to participate in the Conference, Konca states that “Member States shall (ın) undertake to determine the existing employees and employers in agreement with the industrial / trade union organizations with the highest representation authority.M recalled his judgment. Located in the ILO Constitution, saying that Turkey should be determined in consultation with the Confederation of workers’ deputies in accordance with the provisions of this topic, the past year there have been any consultation, he said that this process has brought almost a fait accompli.

elected Officer-You need against the delegate to the International Trade Union Confederation to represent the cutting staff by Turkey (ITUC) as well as the ILO Workers’ Group expressed the emergence of a huge reaction in the eyes of Kona, the Officer-Sen suspicious manner rapid increase in the number of members of the union rights violations and silence in mass dismissals in the public sector.

Voicing that the meeting organized by the Ministry is important, DİSK Secretary-General Cafer Konca said that he hoped these meetings should continue with the reform studies aimed at working life with the participation of related parties.

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BWI Building and Wood Workers’ International YOL-IS CONGRESS: the struggle for bread, peace, and freedom continues

The Turkish Road, Building and Construction Workers Union YOL-IS held its 11th Ordinary Congress on 16-17 February 2019 in Ankara, Turkey. The theme of the Congress was “From past to present, from today to the future”, “YOL-IS carries on the tradition of the struggle for bread, peace, and freedom”. The main focus of the Congress was the breakthrough of the union in obtaining direct employment for more than 10.000 subcontracted workers at the General Directorate of Highways.

The Congress hosted more than 750 participants, including the Minister of internal Affairs, former labour ministers, MPs, EPSU General Secretary Jan Willem GOUDRIAAN and 23 international delegates representing BWI affiliates from 13 countries along with BWI General Secretary Ambet Yuson and Vice President of the European Federation for Building and Wood Workers (EFBWW) and President of BYGGNADS Johan Lindholm from Sweden.

YOL-IS President Ramazan Agar was re-elected. He emphasised in his address economic and social problems based on the neo-liberal policies such as privatisation, subcontracting, flexibility and precarious jobs, which have negatively affected labour rights. He also addressed the current economic crisis in Turkey and the consequence of shrinking the employment capacity in the construction sector where more than 500,000 construction workers have lost their jobs over the past six months.

He said, “Our union fought for ensuring direct employment for subcontracted workers in the public sector and our fight paved the way for providing public employment to more than 700.000 subcontracted workers in all public sectors. However, thousands of our members are still excluded from the scope of permanent public employment. Our fight for direct employment for all subcontracted workers will continue until every one of them has decent working conditions”.

In conclusion, Agar stated, “Unions are institutions of modern democracy, social justice and advanced economies. Join us and we will advance towards labour and social peace.”

At the YOL IS Congress two resolutions were passed – one focusing on trade union policy and the other on organizing.

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The Philippines Enacts UHC and EML law

PHILIPPINE: The new UHC Act is a critical step towards health for all Filipinos as it will facilitate major reforms to consolidate existing yet fragmented financial flows, increase the fiscal space for benefit delivery, improve the governance and performance of devolved local health systems, and institutionalize support mechanisms such as health technology assessment and health promotion”.

Speaking on this landmark development, the PSI General Secretary Rosa Pavanelli said:

“This success shows how international solidarity can really make a difference for public service workers and citizens. It is even more important as it contributes to ensure the fundamental right to health to the Philippines people. It is an achievement of the Filipinos and for the PSI global campaign on the human right to health”.

She then added that:

“Now we need to make sure that the enforcement of the new legislation does not turn into a gift for private insurance companies, nor create a double system, one for the poor and the other for rich people”.

This requires adequate funding of publicly delivered health services to all, and enhanced participation of the people in the health policy process. The Philippines first step towards health for all was taken fifty years ago with the enactment of the Philippine Medical Care Act. And in 1995, the National Health Insurance Act was passed, setting up the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth). It had the aim of implementing universal health coverage.

The impact of these earlier legislation was undermined by inequities in access to health services and health status. Instead of health being free for at point of delivery for all, citizens considered to be indigent were merely subsidized. They still had to make out of pocket payments (which they could hardly afford) to access care in private health facilities. Due to this, poor communities have suffered a higher burden of disease, despite PhilHealth’s claim of achieving “universal” health coverage at 86% of the population in 2010.

The new UHC Act opens additional sources of funding for PhilHealth, through taxes, including the “sin tax”. This will enable universal access to free diagnostic services, consultation fees and medical tests.

As the Philippine Department of Health (DOH) and PhilHealth settle down to draft the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) for the Act, we assure them of our support. And we urge them to ensure quality health for all remains at the heart of this historic legislation, in its implementation.

The Expanded Maternity Leave Act
The Expanded Maternity Leave Act is equally a very progressive legislation. It was first approved in the Senate two years ago. It has extended paid maternity leave from 60 days to 105 days. 7 of these 105 days are transferable to the father, at the discretion of the female worker entitled to maternity leave benefits. There is also an option of extending the leave by 30 more days without pay. And employees who are single parents will enjoy 15 more days of fully paid maternity leave added to the 105 days.

The law further ensures that maternity leave shall be granted to female workers in every instance of pregnancy or miscarriage regardless of frequency.

Implementation of the EML will go a long way in promoting women rights as human rights in the world of work, as well as improving maternal and child health outcomes. Gender equality is an important part of our work as PSI. We thus welcome the law, wholeheartedly.

We share the view of Senator Risa Hontiveros, a friend of PSI who has been at the fore of advocacy for the passage of the bill over the last few years, that:

“The signing into law of the Expanded Maternity Leave Act is a moment mothers, families, and children will not only remember, but a victory generations of Filipinos will reap the benefits of for the rest of their lives.”

24 Feb 2019 Ferado

Human rights violation incidents on rise-INSEC

Birendranagar, (NEPAL): As many as 453 incidents of human rights violations occurred in the Karnali Province during the past one year.

The incidents include human rights violation from the state side and other actors.

Making public the Human Rights Year Book at Birendranagar on Tuesday, Informal Service Centre (INSEC) shared women have been more affected from the anti-human rights incidents.

According to the report, 343 women and 149 men were found affected in different human rights violation incidents.

Narayan Subedi, Karnali Province Coordinator of INSEC, informed the incidents of women rights violation topped the list in Karnali this year.

It includes 257 related to women rights, 87 related to child rights and 47 related to manhandle.

Alcoholism constraining human rights

Karnali Province Minister for Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperative Bimala KC said alcoholism was the main cause behind the violation of human rights. She stressed the need to take initiative to control alcoholism.

She further said the mere implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights would help lessen human rights violation incidents.

Likewise, Karnali Province Speaker Raj Bahadud Shahi said the status of human rights violation was formidable in the province and highlighted the need for management of prisons respecting human rights of the inmates as well. (RSS)