8 Sep 2018 Ferado

Revenue officials demand arrest of fellows’ attackers

KASUR,: Revenue officials of Kasur, Chunian, Kot Radha Kishan and Pattoki tehsils continued their strike on Sep 5 for the second consecutive day against police’s failure to arrest the suspects who allegedly attacked a revenue team, including a naib tehsildar, that went to a farmhouse to collect dues on Monday.

The suspects had fired in the air, injuring an official, and also attacked the official vehicle. Chunian police had registered a case against the suspects, but could not arrest them. This sparked a protest on Tuesday against police.

According to the first information report (FIR) lodged on the complaint of revenue official Tariq Mahmood Khan under sections 337, 379, 427, 186, 506-B, 342, 148 and 149 of PPC, a revenue team went to a farmhouse in village Dhig for recovery of Rs26,600 of fine and Rs6,800 of canal water charges from farmer Pervaiz Ahmed. The team arrested Ahmed and demanded the pending amount that he flatly refused.

When the revenue team was bundling Ahmed into their jeep, at least 15 of his employees attacked the team with guns, bricks and clubs. They also got Ahmed released from custody. The attackers held revenue officials Noor Ahmed, Muhammad Naeem, Imran Rasheed and Hassan at gun point.

Complainant Khan further stated that the Chunian assistant commissioner and tehsildar also reached the spot, held dialogue with the suspects and got the revenue officials released.

According to Chunian Station House Officer Zulfiqar Ali, police were investigating the incident.

The protesting revenue officials have threatened to go on an indefinite strike if the attackers were not arrested.

8 Sep 2018 Ferado

Unemployed youth and population time bomb

Sep 7: We are a country with one of the largest young populations – around 59 million youth – and a high birth rate of 1.43%. The resources are fast depleting with this fast-growing population and jobless youth. High population growth rate, the frustration amongst youth is phenomenal and directly related, causing scarcity of water and food, and malnutrition, while extensive unemployment of the youth leads to ‘have-nots’ syndrome, increased crime rate and ultimately terrorism.

Our birth rate is 21.9 per 1,000 women, while India’s is 19 and Bangladesh’s 18.8. We have one of the highest population growth rates, which is 1.43% as compared to our neighbours – India 1.17% and Bangladesh 1.04%. In literacy, we rank the lowest at 146. It seems our neigbouring countries, with same demographics and issues, have managed to curtail their birth rate and improve literacy, signifying the fact that there is something wrong being done by us.

The population time bomb is staring in our face as our resources will not and already do not match the requirements of the growing population. Malnutrition was highlighted by the prime minister in his maiden speech. But the core reason to be addressed is lack of food, water and health resources to meet the needs of a fast-growing population.

Immediate measures that can be taken by the PTI government include incentives like fiscal and tax benefits for smaller families and awareness through massive publicity campaign. Long-term measures are to improve the literacy rate and an inclusion of females in direct workforce, as that would allow them more control of decision pertaining to their fertility.

On the other hand, our unemployment rate is 6%. In that case, where will the ‘10 million’ jobs the government has promised come from when there is no direct investment in the country and entrepreneurs are not keen to invest given the time-consuming legal system, and inefficiency of doing business in Pakistan. Setting up a factory alone requires minimum 21 approvals from 21 various departments. Also the witch-hunting for getting corrupt persons has caused legitimate businesses to suffer. While we must go after uprooting corruption, all businesses are not corrupt and such actions are actually discouraging legitimate entrepreneurs. As a result, overseas or local investors are at present not keen to invest in Pakistan. International contracts have also been challenged and terminated, even the ones with sovereign guarantees, and investors do not consider this a legally safe environment for their investments.

Moreover, with respect to ease of Doing Business Index, Pakistan has a low ranking of 147 (out of 190 countries), which is a non-starter for any investor and if this carries on not even a million jobs can be created. CPEC too has failed to create many jobs as Chinese companies prefer to employ their own people.

However, if immediate reforms such as 1) boosting investor confidence in Pakistan by solid reforms like one-window facilities for managing companies, factories and industrial undertakings; 2) Honouring contracts done by Pakistan governments in the past; 3) Stopping harassment of entrepreneurs; and 4) Massive campaign to guide or mentor the youth into taking educational or vocational courses in sectors where jobs are available, could help achieve the target.

In many countries, studies are annually conducted and lists are compiled, based on industrial trends for availability of jobs, suggesting as to what set of skills and education is required for job seekers. Such priority lists should be published and a special employment cell should be set up in each province to advise job seekers. This will guide the youth to choose their degrees, courses and vocational qualification.

These are short-term immediate solutions which can in the next two years resolve some of the issues. However, a serious long-term policy pertaining to family planning and youth mentorship needs to be developed. The government should consider setting up separate ministries for family planning and youth affairs, which should formulate and implement both short- and long-term goals.

8 Sep 2018 Ferado

Report on strength of special industrial workers sought

LAHORE, Sep 6: Labour department’s Lahore chapter has been assigned to prepare a detailed report of every industrial unit as to how many special persons are working in it along with total strength of labour working in that industrial unit.

On the direction of Deputy Commissioner Lahore Captain (R) Anwar-ul-Haq, Additional Deputy Commissioner General Tauqeer Haider Kazmi chaired a meeting regarding adjustment of physically challenged persons in private sector on Sep 5.

The meeting was attended by DO Social Welfare, Assistant Director Labour, DO Education, DO Industries, AC Headquarters and others.

8 Sep 2018 Ferado

Maid shot dead at employer’s house

FAISALABAD, Sep 7: A maid was gunned down under mysterious circumstances at the house of her employer in Amin Town on Sep 5 night.

Submitting an application with the Mansoorabad police, Abdul Wahid of Ali Town, Bawa Chak, said his niece Faiza Batool, 17, was serving as a maid at the residence of Saleem Shah in Amin Town. He said Faiza had been living in the home of Shah and on Wednesday night they received a call that an unidentified person gunned down Faiza inside the house.

Following the information, Wahid said when they had reached the home of Shah they found Faiza in a pool of blood on a bed.

He said the girl had torture marks on her body.

The police registered a case under section 302 of the PPC.

8 Sep 2018 Ferado

On Labour Day, Trump hits back at largest union leader

U.S. President Donald Trump on Labor Day hit back at Richard Trumka, president of the United States’ largest federation of labor unions, after Trumka said on Sunday that the president’s policies had hurt American workers.

Trumka, who is head of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO), said on Fox News Sunday of Trump’s policies: “Unfortunately, to date, the things that he’s done to hurt workers outpace what he’s done to help workers.”

The AFL-CIO president cited changes to the tax code that encourage companies to outsource jobs, the administration’s failure to produce an infrastructure program, and its overturning of regulations, including some protecting health and safety.

On Monday, which is the national Labor Day holiday, Trump tweeted that Trumka had represented his union “poorly.”

“Some of the things he said were so againt the working men and women of our country, and the success of the U.S. itself, that it is easy to see why unions are doing so poorly,” Trump added.