All Pakistan Federation of United Trade Unions (Regd)


All Pakistan Federation of United Trade Unions (Regd)


Welcome to All of you. The Labour Unity is an alliance of THREE largest Pakistani Labour Federations i.e All Pakistan Federation of United Trade Unions (APFUTU) and All Pakistan Federation of Labour (Durrani Group) (APFOL) and GFTU

Welcome to All Federations, Unions, NGOs / Labour Organizations at National, Provincial, and Local level. All Trade Union and NGO’s members, non members, readers, Journalists, Employers and Employees.

Welcome to everybody regardless the reasons. All, who want to get Information on the Labour Unity.
All of you who are interested in joining or affiliation with us and Labour Unity website.

There are questions; Why do we do it? Why is the labour movement so committed to united?

  • We do it because of our values. We do it because of our strong roots in our communities.
  • We do it because making a positive difference for people, has always been our mission. Unions have always been about mutual cooperation, quality of life and solidarity, fighting misery, poverty and hardship of every Friend that has always been our work.
  • In the course of our core union activities, we have developed a large set of expertise that are shared with the labour unity. The relationship between labour and the united way is a natural one. It is all about values and dreams. These values and dreams are rooted in the labour movement and the community. Because there is no healthy labour movement without a good grounding in the community.

Speech of ex-domestic worker in APFUTU meeting

Miss.Alleena Zulfiqar was a domestic worker. The All Pakistan Federation of United Trade Unions (APFUTU) finde out to her and admit in school. Now she has gave examination of Intermediate 2nd year. All her education expenditures borne by APFUTU uptill now. Presently she is doing work as active member of APFUTU YOUTHS